Decision-making session

Plenary 5 looks forward to the future of the alliance bringing the three documents presented in the morning session back to plenary for decision-making.  A representative from each Regional meeting has the opportunity to bring into plenary any key points for consideration as the assembly prepares to vote.  Each document is then presented in turn, with a short time for comments from the floor, followed by the vote.  In addition, public statements submitted by ACT members for adoption by the assembly will also be presented. 

  • DOC 8 – Engagement Model for Membership- For approval
  • DOC 9.1 – ACT Revised Statutes (version if DOC 8 approved)- For approval
                                      – OR –
    DOC 9.2 – ACT Revised Statutes (version if DOC 8 not approved)- For approval
  • DOC 10 – Global Strategy for ACT Alliance 2019 – 2026- For affirmation
  • Public Statement(s)- For adoption