Regional meetings provide an opportunity for ACT member participants to meet in their respective regional groupings to discuss key items of assembly business from a regional perspective.  In this second regional meeting, participants have the opportunity to discuss the implications of the proposed engagement model for membership, the Global Strategy and the Revised Statutes for members and their work in the region.  There will also be an opportunity to discuss any public statements put forward for the assembly’s endorsement.

  1. Africa
  2. Asia and Pacific
  3. Europe
  4. Latin America and the Caribbean
  5. Middle East and North Africa
  6. North America
  7. Global Members
  • DOC 8 – Engagement Model for Membership- For information
  • DOC 9.1 – ACT Revised Statutes (version if DOC 8 approved)- For information
  • DOC 9.2 – ACT Revised Statutes (version if DOC 8 not approved)- For information
  • DOC 10 – Global Strategy for ACT Alliance 2019 – 2026- For information