A Modern Alliance in a Changing World

I feel honoured and privileged to write a few lines as the current Moderator of the ACT Alliance on the forthcoming Assembly in Uppsala, Sweden during October-November 2018.

ACT Alliance, born in 2010, has gained in maturity and recognition. Members of the Alliance globally have engaged actively in humanitarian work, transformational development and advocacy and contributed significantly spreading joy, peace and justice in the life of disadvantaged communities and people in distress.

In the last four years, the Board, Executive Committee, Advisory Groups, Communities of Practice and Regional/National Forums have engaged even more than during the first four years in the life and work of the Alliance. As a result, several new initiatives were introduced. To name a few, now we have more defined and easy humanitarian appeal mechanism, active role played in CoPs to influence issues linked to climate change and other areas of work, setting up an Advocacy Academy, a new policy for National/Regional Forums, stronger networking with UN and World Bank, active engagement in the SDGs, joint initiatives with WCC and other ecumenical and international bodies, etc.

People in the circle have always emphasised the need and importance of ACT and WCC memberships to work closely. I am excited that a day has been designated during the Assembly where the delegation and members of Executive Committee of WCC will have a joint session of fellowship on Ecumenical Diakonia.

ACT Assembly is also a place of excitement. For me, it provides an opportunity for fellowship, reflections, discussions, getting engaged in innovations, decision making and celebration. I am excited about the future strategy which is going to be for eight years instead of four years. I look forward to discussions around the next Engagement Membership Model. This has widely been shared with the membership of the Alliance.

I am already exuberant to attend this year’s ACT Alliance General Assembly in Uppsala, Sweden. All the more excited to see how the millennials (our future leaders) will chip-in fresher ideas at the event with an enthusiasm that will charge our chariot towards a changing world as we are encouraging more and more youth to attend the Assembly. Being one of the most important faith-based alliances in the world, ACT believes in giving multi-dimensional opportunities to the young who are committed in the development, humanitarian and advocacy sectors. We have created a special space for the youth to engage in our programmes because they must be groomed as leaders for tomorrow as well as leaders for today.

Having served as the Moderator for ACT Alliance for four years, I recognized the power of communication that lies with the youth. Dissemination of information is required for people in need in order to keep them aware – it does not matter the corner of the world you are located in at the moment.                                                         

I would request and appeal to the delegates to come prepared to contribute your ideas and experiences to make the Alliance stronger and ensure its relevance in the coming challenging context. May God guide us and lead us to a very meaningful Assembly in Uppsala.

Dr. Sushant Agrawal                                                                                       New Delhi
Moderator, ACT Alliance                                                                                September 24, 2018