ACT Alliance Nominations and Elections Process for the Governing Board and the Membership and Nominations Committee (MNC)

ACT Alliance will be holding its third face-to-face General Assembly October 28- November 1, 2018 in Uppsala, Sweden where a new Governing Board and Membership and Nominations Committee (MNC) will be elected for the next governance cycle.

The process agreed by the Governing Board, and outlined in detail below, enables the ACT membership to participate in different levels throughout the process of preparing the final slate. This includes putting forward nominees, participating in the ACT Alliance national forums (or sub-regional and regional forums or global forum where relevant) where endorsement of candidates take place, by sending any formal objections to any of the candidates on the list to the MNC and finally, on the first day of the assembly by putting forward alternative candidates in case of withdrawals. Ultimately, the ACT membership at the General Assembly then elects the members of the Governing Board and MNC on the basis of a slate of candidates presented by the MNC, taking into account a balance based on gender, church/specialised ministry, geography, continuity and professional competencies.