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The work of the third session of the ACT Alliance General Assembly completed on November 1st in Uppsala, Sweden. The General Assembly is the highest governance body of the Alliance and brings together the 145+ ACT members every four years. The work of the General Assembly aims to enable members to strengthen their commitment to one another, celebrate their mutual achievements as an alliance and to endorse the future direction of the alliance.

Participants of ACT's third General Assembly

Ecumenical Cooperation 

ACT Alliance is committed to working in a spirit of ecumenical diakonia (serving together). The General Assembly presented various opportunities to strengthen ecumenical collaboration within the alliance. 

Photo of Bishop of Sweden during worship service

A Joint Day on Ecumenical Diakonia
Celebrating History, Planning the Future
The role of FBOs in achieving Agenda 2030
An Evening of Reflection and Worship
Ecumenical Diakonia in the time of inequality
Migration is not a crime; it’s a right


Youth Participation

Youth participation is important to ACT Alliance. The Community of Practice on Youth Participation hosted a two-day pre-assembly meeting and were engaged throughout the period of the Alliance. The General Assembly brought together over 30 youth representatives (aged 18-30) from youth organisations associated with the Alliance from around the world.

We want to talk with you
ACT youth discuss their ambitions and concerns ahead of the Assembly
Without young people, there is no democracy (SP)
Involvement of Youth in Strengthening the Alliance
Enabling youth participation across the alliance

Gender Justice

ACT has a commitment to gender justice throughout the work and life of the alliance. The opening session of ACT’s General Assembly highlighted the significance of gender justice, which remained an interconnected and important topic throughout the week. 

Gender justice “a win-win concept for everybody”, says Swedish church leader
The theological responsibility to promote Gender Justice
“Gender justice: one of the reasons why I wanted to become Moderator.”
Call for gender justice in the challenging context of Latin America and the Caribbean
Perspectives from Father Evangelos on gender justice (video)


Four main governance items for decision making took place at ACT’s third General Assembly, including elections (for members of the Governing Board, the Officers and the Membership and Nominations Committee); the approval of a revised global strategy (2019-2016); a new engagement model for ACT membership; and a revision of the ACT statutes.

ACT's new Governing Board.

Members of the Governing Board
ACT’s new Governance Members
Interview with ACT’s new Moderator, Birgitte Qvist Sørensen
Interview with ACT’s outgoing Moderator, Dr Sushant Agrawal

Revised global strategy
ACT’s new Global Strategy (2019-2026)
ACT affirms new Global Strategy  

New Membership Model
Forum strengthening
Excitement about ACT’s new Membership Model

Member Conversations and Awards

Member conversations brought together ACT members from all over the world to discuss critical issues facing the alliance relating to topical, and sometimes controversial, issues and how the alliance can move forward together.
Story on member conversations
Strengthening the nexus between ACT’s humanitarian, development & advocacy work (video)
ACT Ethiopia Forum takes home ACT’s Forum Award

Exhibition Hall 

The Exhibition hall consisted of over 20 displays from ACT members, forums, advisory groups, communities of practice, and external partners. Exhibits reflected the work of ACT Alliance from all over the world, showcasing the theme of the Assembly; Hope in Action and Putting People First.

Regional Celebrations 

Meal times at the Assembly included opportunities for conversation, networking, and fellowship. Each region of the alliance had an opportunity to highlight the work and culture of their home with participants.


Newsletters were distributed through the week to keep the alliance up to date on the ongoings and discussions of the Assembly. The newsletters are available here.  
ACT General Assembly Newsletter 03 
ACT General Assembly Newsletter 02
ACT General Assembly Newsletter 01

In case you missed it

Visit the General Assembly webpage for news, blogs, stories, and more from the Assembly. The Assembly photo gallery is available to all ACT members and is accessible here. Other multimedia including videos and links to the recorded sessions from the Assembly are available here.