ACT Alliance joins ACT Nicaragua Forum in reaffirming call for Peace in Nicaragua  

The anti-government protests which started on April 18 have resulted in further political instability and a rising death toll in Nicaragua. Initially spurred by President Daniel Ortega’s plans to change social welfare conditions, protests became deadly after violent clashes with police. Last week, conflict across various cities in Nicaragua, escalated as a demonstration held by mothers and relatives of disappeared and deceased youth was violently repressed by military and paramilitary groups.

The National Dialogue for Peace which aimed to facilitate discussions between government representatives, students, unions, farmers, and other members of civil society has broken down and has been suspended indefinitely. Growing frustrations over corruption and an autocratic government has exacerbated the situation and protesters are calling for the resignation of President Ortega.

“As ACT Alliance, we express our solidarity with the Nicaraguan people and our concern about the escalation of confrontations across the country.  In this moment, it is crucial to find ways to immediately stop the violence and resume the dialogue– with broad participation– to overcome the current crisis and agree on a national pact to find sustainable solutions to the causes of these conflicts,” says Rudelmar Bueno de Faria, General Secretary of ACT Alliance.

The ACT Alliance Nicaragua Forum has issued a Statement reaffirming the need for reconciliation, peace and democracy in Nicaragua. “As faith-based organizations, we work for peace, justice, solidarity, dialogue, inclusion and peaceful coexistence among Nicaraguan brothers and sisters, we reiterate our solidarity and accompaniment to all expressions in favour of reconciliation based on justice and we raise our prayers to the Creator so that the conflict in Nicaragua ceases, the doors to understanding are opened, the rights of all are respected and the welfare of each person is guaranteed,” the Statement reads.