Executive Director of ACT member Bless talks about the bomb blast in Cairo

Several people, mostly women and children, lost their lives due to a bomb blast at the Cairo’s main Coptic cathedral during the Sunday morning Mass. “Such an attack on innocent worshippers and the church property is despicable, immoral and shameful”, said John Nduna, General Secretary of ACT Alliance in a message to the Rt Rev. Bishop Yolios, Bishop and Director of ACT member, Bishopric of Public, Ecumenical and Social Services (BLESS).

“It is a trying moment, for the church and Christians in Egypt, and indeed the global church. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We remember today those whose innocent lives have been lost, their families and friends who are seeking answers to this wicked destruction; the injured and those struggling for their lives in hospitals, the Coptic Church in Egypt and the broader faith community as we seek answers and understanding”, said Nduna.

ACT Alliance members belong to the communities they serve in Egypt, Iraq, Syria and many other places where different types of violence seek to fuel hatred and division. The interview with Dr. Riad Hani, Executive Director of Bless, presents his own experience after the bomb blast in Cairo and expresses the common values that bring together the ACT members to find the strength to continue to serve the most vulnerable people, despite the adversities. Listen below: