Cash transfer program for the construction of accommodation in Nepal

On July 19, 2015, the ACT Alliance partners of DKH Austria in Nepal, expanded cooperation with a local organization, the cash transfer program for the affected by the earthquake to build temporary accommodation at the places Lakuri Bhanjyang and Lamatar in Lalitpur district ,

Like most villages that lie around the Kathmandu Valley in hilly area, the homes of residents in Lakuri Bhanjyang and Lamatar were uninhabitable by the impact of the earthquake on 25 April and its aftershocks.

Simple payment system for much-needed building material
The local markets in the earthquake region have recovered well after the disaster. Building material for repair of damaged houses is plentiful and is desperately needed by those affected to rebuild waterproof and protects the houses before the monsoon. Therefore, the local population needs as quickly and efficiently financial resources for the purchase of goods.

In close cooperation with the local government authorities, a private company that develops mobile applications, and a local bank, the DKH has joined together with the partner organizations and developing a new e-cash transfer. Using the mobile app “Hello Paisa” were able to more than 1,300 households can be supplied within a few hours with an electronic coupon in the amount of around 10,000 Nepali rupees (about 90 EUR). This e-Vouchers can be used to pay in the local markets and help to prevent the misuse of funds.

Households that have for some reason do not have a mobile phone and so the payment system could not use were supported by cash amounts.

The partners of Diakonia Austria pioneer in the use of modern technology to ensure faster and more efficient help.

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