Church of Sweden: what we do

Thanks to the ACT Alliance, which through its members is present in 140 countries, Church of Sweden can rapidly provide humanitarian aid in times of crisis.

Church of Sweden is part of the ACT Alliance, a global alliance of churches and church-related organisations for disaster relief, development and advocacy.

Church of Sweden operates from a community-based psychosocial approach, which means that our humanitarian relief efforts, in addition to meeting physical needs, also aim to meet the social and psychological needs that arise when disaster strikes.​

This framework looks to people’s own resilience and their own capacities to manage the situation and to recover.

The goal is to restore hope, dignity, mental and social well-being and a sense of normality to people affected by a disaster.

Besides financial aid, Church of Sweden provides capacity-building staff and thematic support, and in particular providing an integrated psychosocial support framework and specific psychosocial initiatives. For this purpose, Church of Sweden maintains a staff roster of psychosocial specialists, which is at the disposal of the ACT Alliance.

More information on the international work of ACT member the Church of Sweden here.