Conflict survivors in Kenya

A series of unexpected attacks in Kenya’s Lamu County left 5,574 people internally displaced. Terror inflicted by militant groups included arbitrary killings, sexual violence, looting of property and livestock, and other gross human rights violations.

Many women told the ACT Kenya Forum their stories of the extreme violence, describing how they had to watch their spouses and children killed in cold blood.

During the period of attacks, people were forced from their homes, unable to carry any food or essential items, which aggravated the resulting shelter, hunger and public health needs.

ACT response

ACT members identified these needs and set up initiatives in Mpeketoni, Lamu County, to support the most vulnerable people.

Members worked with a population of 5,000 affected people, providing food and water and essential items such as shelter, clothing and bedding, water treatment tablets, food and water containers, soap and mosquito nets.

ACT also promoted peace-building activities and set up psychosocial support and trauma-healing initiatives for the thousands affected by the violence. The alliance was able to provide health services where need outweighed existing capacity.