DCA presents internal climate change action award

Winner of the DCA climate award, Chiit Piseth
Chhit Piseth, winner of the DCA climate award aimed at increasing the awareness and engagement of staff on climate change. Photo Nop Polin/DCA

ACT Alliance member DanChurchAid (DCA) has launched an internal initiative to increase the awareness and engagement of its staff on issues related to climate change. The initiative, which spurred some friendly competition was created to promote awareness among staff on the carbon footprint generated by the work of DCA. Staff were encouraged to make personal commitments to combating climate change on the basis of innovation, greenhouse gas reduction, and the overall well-being of staff. The prize for the contest was a solar mobile charger.

“As an organisation we call for climate justice, and we have many proposals to governments and other stakeholders to take action on climate change. However, we should be aware that our own activities generate emissions, and that we as DCA staff can make a difference”, says Mattias Söderberg, Senior Advocacy Adviser at DCA.

The winner of the DCA climate award is Chhit Piseth, Finance officer based out of the Phnom Penh, Cambodia office of DCA. Chhit’s five commitments are;

  1. I commit to not consume beverages through plastic or paper cups but only through glass;
  2. I commit to not buy food for lunch which is packaged in paper or plastic;
  3. I will seek approval from my country director to place the slogan “Climate Action for a Sustainable and Green NGO” in the office;
  4. I will encourage my colleagues to bike from their homes to the office;
  5. I will have a good mood in the office and my desk will be decorated with flowers and plants that smell good and have environmental benefits.

“It was important to me to make the commitments that I did because many people seem to not consider the environment enough in their daily routines, and a healthy environment is important for our health,” said Chhit.

“The commitments that I have made are beneficial for the environment but can also have a direct benefit on our health and well-being, for example, one can bike to work for its health benefits while simultaneously reducing our contribution to air pollution,” she continued.

“The impact of DCA’s emissions may be small in comparison to global emissions. However, climate change is influenced by our way of living, and so we must all consider our way of life. One person may not be able to change the world, but together we can create miracles. Someone has to start!” said Mattias.

Chhit’s contributions have been recognized for her commitment to change her own behaviour, but also for her energy to want to inspire her colleagues to follow her example.

ACT Alliance is proud of the initiative created by DCA to contribute to the fight against climate change and welcomes all members to engage in similar initiatives on issues of specific concern to the organization.

For more information on the DCA Climate award, please contact Mattias Söderberg msd@dca.dk