Faith-based organisations worried about rule of law in Brazil

ACT Alliance issued a statement expressing concern on the current situation in Brazil, where allegations of collusions were made between the chief prosecutor of the anti-corruption operation so-called “Car Wash” and the judge responsible for the case, the current Minister of Justice.

In this political firestorm the media (ed: The Intercept and Folha de São Paulo) accused the blatant disrespect for the rule of law in the country fueling an already tense a violent climate. In the statement ACT Alliance member organisations denounce a pushback against democracy which has already claimed hundreds of lives: Extrajudicial, summary and arbitrary executions are increasingly targeting human rights defenders, social and political leaders, indigenous peoples, afro-descendants, women and the LGBTQI+ community.

Already in March, ACT Alliance member organisations raised concerns about the volatile situation of the region and especially that of Brazil, during a conference that gathered together UN and government representatives, media and civil society.

A representative from ACT Alliance member organization said:“The partnership between the Folha de São Paulo and The Intercept is significant. First and foremost, for being credible sources but also for all criminalization that journalists have been subjected to. The accused did not deny the authenticity of the talks but started to question the integrity of the journalists. One week later, the adulteration hypothesis is far from depicting reality as the dubious negotiations between the judge and prosecutor have been confirmed by facts”

In the statement issued today, ACT Alliance welcomes the disclosure by the media of the systematic deceit conducted by public servants in Brazil. The public has the right to know, and civil society has the duty to denounce injustice, holding governments accountable to protect the rule of law and democracy.

ACT Alliance General Secretary, Rudelmar Bueno de Faria said: “The serious allegations and evidence of collusion around the anti-corruption operation “Car Wash” is truly disturbing. Public trust in the judicial system relies on its impartiality: its capacity to uphold the rule of law free from political pressure or bias. When democracy and human rights are under attack, the judicial system is often the last resort for the poor and marginalized to receive justice.  Without that the country is at risk”

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Picture: Wikimedia commons