Continuing to support refugees in Serbia


Photo: Dragan Chulo
Photo: Dragan Chulo

Horgos (Hungary border)

ACT member HEKS-EPER EHO began its activities in providing humanitarian assistance for refugees in early September through its partner EHO. In the previous period, around 3,000 refugees received humanitarian and emergency assistance in fruits, bread and water. Children and mothers with infants received chocolates and biscuits. Upon demand, EHO distributed baby food and second-hand shoes. Also, medical nurses involved in the project EHO – “Diaconia Home Care” provided First Aid on the spot. EHO also provided presence of a doctor.

By the end of the week, EHO will be present every day (10:00 to 18:00) in the camp on “no man’s land” at the border crossing Horgoš – Rözske.

The project is implemented in cooperation and with the financial support of the Swiss partner – HEKS-EPER.

Sid (Croatia border):

Logo_HEKSOn Friday and Saturday, 18 and 19 September 2015, EHO has organized all-day work in the field, on the road Sid – Tovarnik. Employees and volunteers of EHO participated in the distribution of aid. After the closing of Hungarian border, refugees changed their route and went toward Croatia. To enter Croatia, the most used crossing was Sid – Tovarnik.

During two days of work in the vicinity of the border, EHO distributed 800kg apples, 400kg banana, 1,000 loaves of bread, 1200L of water, 1,000 chocolate bars, 600 packages of biscuits, 10 pairs of new shoes for mothers with young children, 400 raincoats, 30 tents, 20 sleeping bags with 20 mats.

On the 22 of September, EHO was working in Bapska, border crossing between Serbia and Croatioa and spoke to a young man Avdulah, 21.

Avdulah, 21, is refugee from Syria who is traveling with his wife, son and younger brother. They left their home town 23 days ago. At the beginning the family was on smuggling boat from Turkey to Greece. After that, they took 3 buses – from Greece to Macedonia, from Macedonia to Serbia and through Serbia. They wanted to cross the border between Serbia and Hungary, but because the fence (Hungarian Government closed the border with Serbia) they chose the route to the border with Croatia. Their final destination is Finland. Avdulah wants to provide better and peaceful future for his family, far from the war in his country.