Helping Gaza: DanChurchAid and Norwegian Church Aid close partnership in Palestine

DanChurchAid (DCA) and Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) have worked in Palestine since the early 1950s. Consequently, DCA and NCA have an intimate knowledge of political, cultural and religious components of the protracted humanitarian crisis arising from the Israeli/ Palestinian conflict.



In close partnership with local stakeholders, DCA-NCA’s Joint Country Programme (JCP) intervenes to save lives, build resilient communities and fight inequalities resulting from the situation of occupation as well as Palestinian specific socio-cultural issues. The JCP interventions are strongly grounded in International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and International Human Rights law (IHRL) to promote a viable and just peace in the region.

DCA and NCA combined their respective programme interventions through Economic Empowerment and Right to Food to support livelihood strategies that address the equity deficits of vulnerable Palestinian groups, communities and individuals, especially women and youth.

The aim is to create job opportunities and diversifying income generating opportunities. The JCP utilises methodologies that empower and organise people for collective action through vocational training, farmers associations, entrepreneurships, and cooperative models. 

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