Norwegian Church Aid: what we do in Cuba

Norwegian Church Aid has cooperated with local, church based organizations in Cuba since 2001. Today we focus our work on gender based violence.

Gender-based violence

Our partners develop various local initiatives to overcome violence within close relations. This work is run through the church network in local communities in Cuba. They are often met with challenges in connection with alcohol and we support initiatives to help the victims of violence. At the same time we support the promotion of women’s participation in the churches.

Faith-based actors

Norwegian Church Aid support our church based partners measures for dialogue across religious communities internally in churches. We seek to promote participation and cooperation across religious communities and social divisions.

Coordination through ACT Alliance

Norwegian Church Aid is a member of the ACT Alliance’s international network. In Cuba the ACT-members have several joint partners, which enable closer collaboration.

We also acknowledge that our Cuban partners can play a central role in South-South exchange. Therefore we wish to explore the opportunities for cooperation between our Cuban partners and other partner organizations in the region. This could particularly be relevant with Haiti.

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