Advocacy and Policy 

Secretariat focal point: Alison Kelly

Contact: alison.kelly[at]

Co-chairs: Eva Ekelund (Act CoS) and Philemon Jazi (Diakonia Sweden)

Climate Justice 

Secretariat focal points: Joanna Patouris

Contact: joanna.patouris[at]

Co-chairs: Patriciah Roy Akullo (ACT Uganda Forum) and Mattias Söderberg (DCA)

Emergency Preparedness and Humanitarian Response

Secretariat focal point: Alwynn Javier

Contact: alwynn.javier[at]

Chair: Michael Mosselmans (CAid)

Vice-chairs: Joseph Sahayam (CASA) and Christer Laenkholm (DCA)

Gender Justice

Secretariat focal point: Dr Elaine Neuenfeldt

Contact: elaine.neuenfeldt[at]

Co-chairs: Palwashay Arbab (CWSA) and Marianna Leite (CAid)

Migration and Displacement

Secretariat focal points: Christian Wolff

Contact: christian.wolff[at]

Co-chairs: Rabia Sabri (CWSA) and Andrew Fuys (CWS)

Peace and Human Security

Secretariat focal point: Elizabeth Zimba Kisiigha

Contact: elizabeth.zimba[at]

C0-chairs: Nishant Neel (CASA) and Sunra Lambert-Baj (DCA)

Quality and Accountability/Complaints Handling

Secretariat focal point: Rizwan Iqbal

Contact: rizwan.iqbal[at]

Co-chairs: Khurram Saeed (CWSA) and Coleen Heemskerk (Act CoS)


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