Bangladesh: Emergency Response to Monsoon Floods in Bangladesh – RRF 09/2019

About 5.3 million people affected with more than 200,000 people displaced and living in temporary shelters. The government has reported that 60 people have died. Livelihood is severely affected as 100,900 hectares of crop has been inundated by the floods. Flooding has cause river erosion, breached dams, unpassable roads and broken rail links. It has also forced to close schools. It has been 12 days that the affected areas have been submerged in water. Flood waters are flowing downstream and new areas in central part of country are being affected. Flood affected people have taken shelter on the embankments in the higher places including flood shelter centres with livestock and other belongings. Flood affected communities are finding it difficult to access food while living in temporary spaces. Their homes have been washed away or destroyed as most of the affected communities live in bamboo or mud houses with straw and corrugated iron sheet roofs.

Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh (CCDB) will support 4000 vulnerable families affected by floods in the North and Southeast of Bangladesh through food packs that will be enough for five days with a budget of USD60,045 from ACT Alliance’s Rapid Response Fund.

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