Brazil: Environmental and Floods Disaster – RRF 04/2022

Heavy rains hit different regions of Brazil, causing great damage. In the states of Sao Paulo (SP) and Rio de Janeiro (RJ), the most affected regions were: Metropolitan Region of the city of São Paulo and Alto Tiete region and the municipality of Petropolis – RJ. Between January 29 and 30, in SP, the amount of rain that hit the region was equivalent to the volume forecast for the entire month of January. In the city of Petropolis, RJ, on February 15, in just 3 hours, it rained a greater amount of rain than expected for the entire month of February. Such events have caused flooding, landslides, deaths, and other consequences.

In the city of Petropolis – RJ, the number of deaths reached 198 of these 119 are women and 79 men. Of this total, 37 are minors. 875 people are housed in 13 shelters according to official figures so far, however, there is still little information on the total number of families that were displaced. There is a greater fragility of aid in rural areas of Petropolis.

In the state of São Paulo, there are 5,770 homeless and displaced families and 37 affected municipalities. There are already 34 confirmed deaths as a result of flooding, flash floods and landslides. The highest number of deaths (18) is concentrated in the municipality of Franco da Rocha. This region still has dam infrastructure risk, which increases the severity of the scenario.
Brazil is still in the rainy season with the possibility of new heavy rains and the risk of new floods and landslides.

KOINONIA Presença Ecumênica e Serviço will provide assistance to the affected people through provision of food, cash assistance, and hygiene kits.

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