Brazil Summer Floods RRF02 2021

The São Paulo State is home 45 million people ranging from very vulnerable communities to

well structure urban and rural areas. From the beginning of the pandemic, it is the epicentre of

the COVID-19 in Brazil, with around 1.5 million cases and 47,768 deaths until this day. By

December 2020, the summer storms season started, bringing great damage to the poorest areas

of São Paulo. From 2016 to 2020, more than 75 people died from floods, 35 only in 2020.

In the São Paulo Municipality, the most affected districts are in the East, the Northwest and

the South. The Jacuí and Jardim Santa Helena neighbourhoods are in an area that follows the

river course of the Rio Tietê. The Grajaú district has many poor communities living in the

shore of the city’s larger reservoir in informal settlements.

Outside of the metropolitan area, in the coastal area known as Baixada Santista, there are

urgent situations in the municipality of Cubatão, by the Pilões River. In this year, an area

greatly damaged by the floods is the Vale do Ribeira the poorest region in the state, home of

large quilombola1 and indigenous communities, and many conservation units (protection

areas).02 RRF 2021 Sao Paulo Floods FV