DRC: Emergency Response to the Ebola and Cholera Outbreak in North Kivu Province

Since 1976, the date of the first cases of viral haemorrhagic fever, the DRC has been facing several episodes of Ebola virus epidemic. The Ministry of Public Health declared the 10th Ebola outbreak in August 2018. Its first confirmation was found in Mabalako health zone, Mangina locality, northwest of Beni. Within a few days, the disease spread to Beni and Butembo cities. So far, suspected cases have been reported in Musienene (N-Kivu), Mandima (Ituri) and Komanda (Ituri) health zones.  At the pace by which Ebola is spreading, it is estimated that there is a great risk of Ebola spreading to other provinces of North Kivu, Ituri province and even beyond the Rwanda and Uganda borders.

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