DRC: Emergency Response to Volcanic Eruption in Goma RRF 09/2021.

In the afternoon of Saturday the 22nd of May 2021, the town of Goma and its surroundings in North Kivu Province, experienced a sudden eruption of Nyiragongo volcano. While 32 persons are feared dead, at least 400,000 persons are currently internally displaced in DRC while 7,000 persons have fled to Rwanda as refugees.

Access to basic health and education services in Goma is disrupted due to destroyed roads, electricity, and water supply networks. There is a likelihood of an outbreak of water-borne disease, many are still injured / suffering burns, while others are suffering from psychosocial stress.

Two national members from DRC ACT Forum,  BOAD, and ELCCo are planning to respond through rapid response fund support to meet the basic needs of the most affected and vulnerable.

DRC_Emergency Response to Volcanic Eruption in Goma