Flooding in Upper Egypt

Heavy rainfall caused poorly maintained flood gates and water drainage systems to malfunction. This resulted in the flooding of populated areas in Upper Egypt. Impoverished areas with poor infrastructure have been affected the most. Around 5,650 people have been negatively affected. There has been loss of homes, infrastructure, medical care, and material goods. The heavy rains that flooded Egypt’s Red Sea and Suhag governorates cut power supplies and disrupted road traffic on routes linking to cities in Upper Egypt. Schools have been closed in the area.

Affected people have lost very basic living essentials and sustained damages to their homes. With winter and the cold season approaching, people have as well lost their personal belongings such as clothing, furniture, kitchen supplies, and bedding. These needs are essential as they begin to rebuild their lives and move into the winter season. Despite the governmental aid, there are still many families who are without electricity, housing, and basic living essentials, appropriate medication, and health equipment are needed for the hospital.