Global Rapid Response Fund Appeal 2022 – GRRF22

The Global Rapid Response Fund (GRRF) is an annual funding appeal administered by the ACT Alliance secretariat. The fund prioritises ACT local and national members in line with our localisation commitments and in recognition of the distinct advantage these members have in providing timely, high quality, locally led emergency response interventions. Funds for the RRF are provided by ACT Alliance members and non-members.

The revised ACT Humanitarian Policy came into effect on 01 January 2022. The policy reinforces our commitment to the localisation agenda. The tangible changes in the Global Rapid Response Fund, introduced under the revised Humanitarian Policy, reflect the primary role that local and national members play in humanitarian response within our Alliance. ACT Alliance through its national members has been at the forefront of supporting local responses, often in contexts that may not always attract the attention of the media and donors. In such contexts, the impact of disasters at community level can be profound, and it is in such instances where the relevance and effectiveness of local and national actors and faith-based organisations, as well as the reach of ACT Alliance, is clearly demonstrated.

The budget for this year’s GRRF is USD3,257,835, with last year’s balance carried over of USD1,484,913. The total request for funding for GRRF22 is USD1,772,922. The increased budget reflects the increased scope of the GRRF to include medium-scale crises, and the fact that funding will be accessed by more local members as the Appeal mechanism will be limited to large scale emergencies.

GRRF22 Appeal