India: Humanitarian Assistance to vulnerable and affected Communities of the COVID-19 Pandemic in India – IDN211

India’s coronavirus cases continue to rapidly increase despite several states imposing localised lockdowns, curfews, and curbs on movement. Within a month, since the second wave broke out in late March, Covid-19 cases have reached unprecedented levels, with over 400,000 cases per day.

The risk of getting infected with the mutated variant that spreads easily is very high while hospitals are already overwhelmed with overworked staff and low supply of equipment and medicines. In effect, people with mild and asymptomatic cases are often treated and quarantined at home. Attention is focused on urban areas where cases are increasing rapidly that rural areas have been neglected and mostly uninformed about protection and prevention. Migrant communities are still insecure about their jobs where most are still wanting to move back to their home villages.

ACT India Forum is responding to the crisis supporting 16,500 households and 10 hospitals with a budget of USD1,656,781. They will provide cash support and personal protection kits to households; oxygen supplies and paramedical training to hospitals; and raising awareness on gender issues, Covid-19 prevention and mitigation to the communities working with local faith leaders.

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