Angola: Emergency response to the influx of refugees from DRC in Lunda Norte – ANG171 (Preliminary Appeal)

Ongoing armed conflicts between the DRC government forces and the Kamuena Nsapu militia faction in Lunda Norte Province have triggered large displacements. As of the 13th of April, it was reported that a total of 11,051 refugees had arrived from the DRC and were settling in two camps. These numbers continue to rise as it is estimated that there is an additional 300-400 refugees arriving each day.

Tensions on both sides of the border are high. Still, the Angolan authorities assure that the border is not closed, but that the commercial movements are being closely monitored and the usual local market closed. The government sent a multi-sector team to assess the situation. The government of Angola has to date not declared an emergency, as the governments of Angola and DRC are analysing the situation and hope voluntary repatriation to DRC will be possible within one month or so.

In the meantime, the situation in the camps is dire as the access to basic services is very limited. The situation is further compounded by the fact that the camps are over-crowded causing a lack of shelter, food & NFIs, and poor sanitation. Furthermore, protection issues are frequent as there are cases of unaccompanied minors and violation of human rights, particularly with regards to the risk of repatriation.

ACT Angola Forum through Lutheran World Federation(LWF) plans to respond to the ongoing crisis and provide basic needs such as shelter, WASH, food and NFIs, child rights protection, human rights and health care assistance for life-saving. UN Agencies are advocating for an official emergency declaration, in order to facilitate a more comprehensive response.

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