IRAQ: Multi Sectoral Support to IDPs, Refugees, Returnees and Host Communities Affected by the Conflict in Iraq- IRQ201

The humanitarian crisis in Iraq remains one of the largest and most volatile in the world. The pace of displacement over the past four and a half years is nearly without precedent with more than 5.4 million people displaced since the rise of the Islamic State (IS). The 2019 Iraq Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) states 6.7 million people continue to be in need, and although 4.3 million people have returned to their place of origin, 1.7 million people remain internally displaced. At present 721,000 IDP’s and 241, 000 Syrian refugees reside within the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) many of whom have remained in prolonged displacement since the beginning of the Syrian conflict in 2011. In federal Iraq, Ninawa governate remains the most effected by the continued influx caused by the rise of IS. Furthermore, the current Turkish military intervention in North East Syria (NES) has caused further insecurity across the region. Critical high explosive contamination, severe infrastructure damage, psychological trauma among local populations and significant loss of livelihood opportunities continue to compound the traumatic effects of 8 years of brutal fighting.

Act members: CA, DCA, HIA and LWF plan to support 38,964 beneficiaries directly affected by the Syrian Conflict and the rise of the Islamic state in Iraq addressing shelter/NFI, WASH, Protection/Psycho-social, Livelihood/Early Recovery, emergency preparedness and mine action sectors with a budget of USD 3,720,892.

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