JORDAN: Response to the Protracted Humanitarian Crisis in Jordan (Syrian Refugees, Host Communities and other Vulnerable Groups)- JOR231

Jordan is a middle-income country with 11.2 million people, including 3.4 million non-citizens (refugees and migrant workers). The country hosts the second-highest share of refugees per capita in the world, putting unprecedented pressure on its budgetary and natural resources, infrastructure, and labour market. Today, Jordan hosts 1.36 million Syrian refugees (including the registered refuges in UNHCR), this represents nearly 15% of Jordan’s total population. The Syria crisis with its multifaceted impact has exacerbated various aspects of life in Jordan including security, economy, and social factors amongst others, these factors are playing a role in increasing the vulnerability of both Syrian refugees and Jordanians.

ACT Jordan Forum members DSPR, ELCJHL and MECC will respond to the protracted crisis with an appeal to raise 1,364,573USD aiming to  improving the living conditions and responding to the urgent needs of Syrian refugees, host communities and vulnerable groups in Jordan.

JOR231 Appeal

JOR231- Results Framwork