Mozambique: Response to Cyclone Eloise-RRF 06/2021

Tropical Cyclone Eloise made landfall in central Mozambique on 23rd January at around 2 a.m., near the coastal city of Beira. It came with winds of 140 km/h and heavy rainfall of 250 mm within 24 hours.

After landfall, Cyclone Eloise downgraded to a moderate tropical storm with a maximum wind speed of 83 km/hr. The weather system continues to move in a westerly direction, bringing high amounts of rainfall in its wake.

Other areas were already flooded ahead of Eloise’s landfall, especially surrounding places including Buzi and Nhamatanda resulting in thousands of displaced people. At least 13 people have died and many have been injured.The cyclone also caused severe flooding in the same area that was just recovering from two similar cyclones in 2019.

CEDES, ACT member in Mozambique are responding to affected  communities.

Mozambique_Response to Cyclone Eloise (RRF)