Occupied Palestinian Territories: ACT Palestine Forum Emergency Response in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (Gaza escalation)- PSE211

As the conflict escalated between Israel and Palestinian armed groups in Gaza, airstrikes on Gaza and rocket attacks on Israel continued for eleven consecutive days. Most of the victims were reported to be civilians. According to the Palestinian Ministry of health (as of 25 May), a total of 253 Palestinian people were killed in Gaza, including 66 children and 38 women and 17 elderly people; there were more than 1,900 Palestinians injured, including many children and women. Tens of thousands have been displaced from their homes and many were forced to find shelter in UNRWA schools. On the Israeli side, 12 people in Israel, including one soldier, have been killed and hundreds have been injured.

Despite the ceasefire reached on May 21 between Israel and Palestinian armed groups ending the hostilities, the escalation has exacerbated an already dire humanitarian situation in Gaza, generated by nearly 14 years of blockade and internal political divisions.

The Appeal response members, Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees (DSPR) and DCA/NCA Joint Country Program- Palestine will respond to the humanitarian crisis in the oPt  targeting around 10,000 individual with an appeal to raise 1,358,309 USD to address multiple sectors, MHPSS/Protection, Health, Shelter, and Livelihoods.

PSE211 Appeal Final