Pakistan: Emergency Response to people affected by the earthquake in Kashmir – RRF 14/2019

The 5.8 magnitude earthquake in Pakistan last 24 September 2019, affected a total of 10,500 families in Mirpur and Bimber Districts of Kashmir. Thirty-nine people died and more than 1,600 injured.  In addition to the loss of livelihoods opportunities, the earthquake damaged infrastructure (roads, water supply schemes, power supply etc.), houses and animal shelters especially in the rural areas of these hard-hit districts.

The initial assessments highlight that lack of appropriate shelter for the families whose houses are damaged, unavailability of safe drinking water and essential FI/NFIs, environmental health, and protection of women/girls are among the top needs in the areas.

Community World Service Asia (CWSA) will provide tents to the most vulnerable families with funding from ACT Alliance’s Rapid Response Fund.

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