RRF 05/2023: DRC-Humanitarian Response to Floods in Kalehe Territory

Heavy rainfall and flooding caused severe landslides in Kalehe in the Democratic Republic of Congo in early May. As a result, 400 persons have lost their lives, and over 50,000 persons are displaced (OCHA, May 29, 2023).

Schools and health centers were also swept away, and major roads and bridges have been destroyed or cut off thus affecting access/communication.
According to the local government Humanitarian Affairs Division (DIVAH) report of 13th May 2023, 2,536 persons remain missing while 4,000 houses were destroyed.

ACT DRC member EELCo proposes to support 1,330 most vulnerable displaced households with shelter, mobile cash, and psychosocial support for 155 persons.

RRF No. 5_DRC Humanitarian Response to Floods in Kalehe Territory