RRF 10/2022 – India Assam Floods

The two waves of floods in Assam which started in June 2022 caused massive inundation and damages to lives and property. The floods affected around 5,542,053 people in 5,577 villages under 121 revenue circles in 32 districts. People have taken shelter on roadside as rains and water levels have gradually receded leaving their agricultural land unfit for cultivation. The Gratuitous Relief (GR) supplied by the local administration is insufficient to meet the basic needs of the communities. Thirty-two districts in Assam were affected by the floods with minimal government support. 

ACT India Forum through CASA, CNI-SBSS, UELCI, and LWSIT will be responding in six districts of Assam through the Rapid Response Fund to provide food and non-food items.

RRF 10 2022 India Assam Floods