RRF 14-2020 Colombia Landslide Dabeiba

As a result of the intense rainfall caused by the last 2 hurricanes (ETA and IOTA) that hit the Colombian Caribbean and the La Niña phenomenon from the Pacific Ocean: The rural area of the Antioqueño municipality of Dabeiba, in 4 of its villages: Dabeiba Vieja, Botón, Mohán and El Cajón,suffered a landslide of large proportions leaving more than 200 families without their homes, their belongings, their crops and their farmyard animals. On the morning of Sunday, November 15, DAPARD (Administrative Department of the System for the Prevention, Attention and Recovery of Disasters) reported that of the 16 people who were missing, eight were found alive “and they are in the five shelters that the municipality has set up for the affected people.”

Thus, the current tally of casualties of the torrential rains according to the Unified Command Post (PMU), is of 3 deceased and eight missing persons. Likewise, there are 497 affected people from 201 families, 20 injured, 67 homes destroyed and 104 damaged, 3 educational centers affected, as well as 5.5 kilometers of road affected.RRF14 2020 COL Dabeiba LandSlide