RRF 17/2022: El Salvador – Emergency response to the population affected by Hurricane Julia

As of October 2022, the Government of El Salvador declared a state of emergency due to the severity of the damages caused by hurricane Julia, including overflow, landslides, floods, landslides, flooding, destruction of houses, loss of crops, material damage, and deaths. According to authorities, at least 23,500 families were affected, 5,172 people were evacuated to temporary shelters, 11 people died and around 469 houses were

In response to the disaster, the ACT Forum El Salvador, through its members ALFALIT and SLS, has submitted a proposal for 150.000 USD, seeking to provide emergency response to 730 households and 2,855 people in the sectors of CASH/Vouchers and Psychosocial support. 

RFF 17 2022 Hurricane Julia El Salvador