Russia: Emergency response to the floods in Irkutsk region – No.RRF 08/2019

Atmospheric anomalies and global climate change have led to catastrophic flooding in the Irkutsk region. Three air masses collided over the region at once: Arctic, subtropical and humid air from the Pacific Ocean. From June 25 to July 1 various areas of Irkutsk region of Russia and neighboring regions were hit by long heavy rains. The amount of precipitation in the Western, Southern and Central Irkutsk region in three days reached 1,5 to 4 monthly norms. The current flood broke the historical highs both in terms of the level of precipitation and the levels of the rivers that came out of the banks. Heavy rains led to the rise of rivers – tributaries of the Angara river by 10-14 meters, which is much higher than the critical mark. Official data, to date: more than 38,000 people affected (including 8,000 children), 25 persons killed, 7 persons are missing, 725 persons were hospitalized, 2,563 persons were evacuated; 110 settlements and cities were flooded, 49 sections of roads were covered by water, 22 bridges were damaged. About 10,800 houses were flooded or swept away. In seven districts of the Irkutsk region, a state of emergency was declared, with three of them almost completely flooded.

RRFs_Russia_ Floods in Irkutsk region-No.RRF08_2019