Serbia: Emergency Response to the Floods in Sumadija, West, South and East Serbia – No.RRF 10/2018

On 13 June 2018 five districts in Serbia (Branicevo, Kolubara, Sumadija, Podunavlje, Pomoravlje, in East and West Serbia and Sumadija) are affected with sudden heavy rainfall, hailstorm, and in some parts incessant rains. On 15 June the Serbian Ministry for Internal Affairs, Sector for Emergency Situations declared state of emergency in these five districts. On 16 June, a state of emergency was also declared Nisava (South-East Serbia), and on 18 June in South-West Serbia as well. In all seven districts, rural households are affected. Damage on agricultural crops is estimated at 100%. In Sumadija, estimated damage is twice the annual municipality budget. Schools and kindergartens are evacuated in this region. In this region 2,850 houses are affected (app. 9,000 people) and 75% of total agricultural land.  In South Serbia, damage is estimated at USD 60,000,000. 11 villages are affected, and damage is both on households and on crops. 11km of roads are destroyed, among them 3 bridges.

RRFs_Serbia_Floods-No. RRF10_2018