Somalia: Revised Drought and Flood Appeal – SOM171 (Rev. 2)

The Gu rains 2018 started in April 2018 with above average rains. First, they started slowly but soon reached precipitation above normal. The soils were dried out and hard and could not absorb the rain water all over Somalia.

This caused flash floods all over the country except in North-Eastern Puntland where it did not rain.

With the beginning of the Gu-rains and severe flooding at the end of April the priorities changed suddenly when flash floods appeared, and the rivers busted their beds with the consequence that 200,000 persons had to leave their homes in Hiraan.

Riverine floods have also been experienced along the Shabelle River in Beletweyn and along the Juba River in Gedo. In Beletweyn alone, flood level reached a 50-years’ record displacing approximately 200,000 persons, including old IDPs now displaced to higher ground.

Priority needs are now drinking water, Shelter and NFI, emergency latrines, decontamination of shallow wells, and food.

Affected population lack everything, with the most pressing needs being mostly drinking water, shelter and NFI, emergency latrines. After floods retreat shallow wells will need to get decontaminated.

ACT Somalia forum members Finn Church Aid, Norwegian Church Aid, Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe, Diakonia Sweden and Lutheran World Federation are seeking a second revision of SOM 171 appeal to address the flash floods in the riverine areas along the Shabelle River in Beletweyn and along the Juba River in Gedo region.

SOMALIA-Drought and Flood Response Appeal SOM171 (2 revision)