SYRIA: Syria Protracted Crisis – Developing the Resilience of Affected People – SYR231

After nearly 12 years of conflict, Syria remains a complex humanitarian and protection emergency characterized by ongoing hostilities and their long-term consequences, including widespread destruction of civilian infrastructure, economic collapse, explosive ordnance contamination and one of the largest number of internally displaced people in the world. In many ways, the humanitarian needs across the whole of Syria are currently at their highest since the start of the conflict, and households are reverting to negative coping mechanisms more frequently than before. This includes child labour, child marriage, sale of productive assets, and borrowing, all of which increase protection needs and/or reduce households’ capacity for self-sustenance in the future. As household resilience decreases, humanitarian needs increase.

ACT Syria Forum members CA, GOPA-DERD, HEKS/EPER and MECC will respond to the protracted crisis with an appeal to raise 5,115,528 USD over two years, to improve the resilience of the crisis-affected populations in Syria.

SYR231 – Syria Protracted Crisis

Results-Framework – SYR231