Uganda: Lifesaving Emergency Response to Congolese Influx to Uganda (Revision 1) – UGA221

The situations in DRC and South Sudan remain fragile and unpredictable and many IDPs settlements in DRC are camped very close to the border of Uganda ready to flee into Uganda in case of an eruption of conflict. During the first two months of 2023, Uganda received 13,622 refugees (5,378 Congolese and 8,244 South Sudanese)1 of which 66.8% were Congolese refugees.

The revised appeal is requesting an increased budget and a three months extension of the project period (indicated in red font).

The violence has caused an unprecedented large-scale influx of refugees into neighboring Uganda, leaving refugees with unmet basic needs in sectors such as food, WASH, education, protection, gender, livelihoods, and peaceful co-existence.

ACT Uganda Forum members LWF, FCA, DCA, and HEKS plan to respond to the refugee crisis.

Uganda_Response to Congolese Refugee Influx_Revision 1

UGA 221_Response to Influx of Refugees in Uganda_Results Framework – Revised – 9th March 2023