ACT Alliance Policy on Advisory Groups and Communities of Practice

This policy outlines the role of ACT groups in the alliance, clarifies distinctions between groups and provides guidance on the architecture, role, group structure, working methods and funding of groups, and the role of the secretariat.

The Advisory Groups are made up of 8-10 committed individuals with relevant expertise and balanced geographical and gender representation to form a fixed ‘strategic hub’ of expertise for a 4 year strategic period. Intentional linkages are created, facilitated by the secretariat, which enable the Advisory Group hub to host a looser network of actors within the alliance with expertise in the strategic area. This network includes relevant CoPs, individuals with specific expertise, sub-working groups formed for a time-bound specific piece of work, other networks of member-staff with specific interest/expertise relevant to that advisory group, interested forums, Governance etc. These looser elements of the network are more flexible to specific needs arising from the membership and anchored to the alliance structures through one of the Advisory Group ‘hubs’.

In particular, the linkages with the ACT forums are strengthened so that the Advisory Groups and Communities of Practice are able to benefit from the wealth of experience and resources in the forums, and equally that the linkages exist so that the forums are able to access what they need from the Advisory Groups or Communities of Practice.

A secretariat Focal Point engages with each Advisory Group. This focal point role ensures that information is shared, that the network is actively built and that the governance has access to the Advisory Group and the broader network for strategic advice. The secretariat focal point is a connecter and enabler, facilitating the Advisory Group in this role.

The ACT Alliance policy on advisory groups and communities of practice is available in English, French and Spanish.

Please note that the English version has been updated, while the French and Spanish versions have not. Updated translations will be available shortly.

ACT Alliance Policy on advisory structures EN 2019  

Revised ACT Alliance policy on advisory groups and CoPs French

Revised ACT Alliance policy on advisory groups and CoPs Spanish

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