Top 8 things to know about the ACT complaints handling mechanism

  1. It is easy to send a concern, feedback or complaint to the secretariat. Simply email the or send a message to the complaints focal point via a personal contact at the secretariat or by mail or phone. (See #9 and go to the policy, page 8, for contact details.)
  1. Don’t worry; we are trained on how to handle complaints, particularly the sensitive ones, with the utmost care and confidentiality.
  1. We want to know about any violations in the code of conduct, breaches of any ACT policy or even a concern about the quality of work you may have.
  1. You will hear back from us within ten days of our receipt of your concern.
  1. Did you know that all employees of ACT members and the secretariat are required to report allegations, concerns or suspicions of breaches related to abuse, exploitation and fraud and corruption?
  1. There are some types of complaints we don’t accept, such as those received six months after the alleged incident. (See #9 and go to the policy, pages 6-7, for more details.)
  1. We aim for all ACT members to have their own functioning, safe & accessible complaints mechanism for staff and communities. (See #9 and go to the guidelines, pages 4-10, for how-to guidance.)
  1. Ensure your communities know how to raise a concern or complaint; the ACT complaints mechanism is also meant for them – help them access us if the need arises!

Top 8 things to know about the ACT complaints mechanism