A global Skype call on new way of working COP DRR-CCA: membership and learning platform!

A Global Skype Meeting: A new way of working COP DRR-CCA: membership and learning platform on 7th July 2017 at 15.00 CET

Objectives of CoP DRR/CCA;

  1. The ACT Alliance is implementing a significant number of projects related to DRR and, CCA
  2. The quality of such projects comply with international standards and state-of-the-art technologies
  3. ACT Alliance is known for its competence related to such types of projects

As a rule the CoP is open & flexible in nature. As many people can join as participants as possible. Only requirement is that participants work for an ACT Alliance organization.

Proposal for future functioning of the CoP, serving more as a learning platform:

  • We have 1 global CoP DRR/CCA, 1 global mail list as well.
  • In addition, we propose to create sub –regional or regional CoP DRR-CCA that link to the global CoP.
  • Proposed regional structures are 3 to start with:
    • regions Asia
    • region Africa
    • region Latin America
  • Membership of a regional structure open & flexible in nature, like for the global CoP. It is expected that no separate EU/USA regional structure is needed, rather that people from these regions will join in the above suggested structures.
  • Each regional structure has a ‘facilitator in the region’ appointed by the members in the region. This facilitator has the following tasks:
    • Act as a representative to the global CoP DRR/CCA
    • Organizing skype/online meetings in the region to discuss on topics relevant to the context of the region. Also to bring in global issues in this group (although these are communicated by mail through the global list as well).
    • Facilitate where feasible face-to-face interactions and exchanges in the region, e.g. linked to international events
  • Purpose is for 1. learning and 2. increased communication, including increased possibilities for face-to-face meetings.

To discuss the above topic, we are calling for a global Skype meeting of CoP –DRR-CCA on 7th  July at 15:00 CET

Meeting Agenda:

  • ACT  COP-DRR-CCA  in regions:
  • Drought Asia/Africa – role of CoP DRR-CCA

For more information about the event and interested in joining the discussion, please feel free to contact;

Chair: ICCO Cooperation, Jeroen Jurriens, jeroen.jurriens@icco-cooperation.org

Co-chair: Christian Aid, Jessica Dator Bercilla, JBercilla@christian-aid.org

ACT Alliance Secretarial Focal Point: ACT Alliance, Phichet Munpa (James), jmu@actalliance.org