ACTing together for greater cooperation in Guatemala

Irma's eldest daughter Sandra (6) pictured left, was very ill from a young age and diagnosed with chronic malnutrition. Christian Aid partner Betania has helped Irma set up a kitchen garden, where she grows tomatoes and radishes, chipilin and hierba mora. These contain vitamins and minerals which mixed with the staples such as beans and tortilla become essential for her children's growth. Bethania has also taught her about hygiene and how to improve her family's diet which has helped her daughters' health and prevented her youngest daughter Irma from becoming malnourished.
Irma front and her daughters from the Chorti indigenous group in Guatemala. Like other indigenous people in the country they are marginalised and excluded. Malnutrition amongst the Chorti is high.


From 18-21 April, six European ecumenical agencies will start a new journey in our cooperation model in Guatemala.

Christian Aid, ICCO, Bread for the World, Norwegian Church Aid, Church of Sweden and LWF launch the joint programme ‘ACTing Together/JOTAY’ in Guatemala. Jotay is a Mayan kaqchikel word that means ‘sprout’.

The joint programme will focus on gender justice, sustainable management of natural resources and Rule of Law. All of them are fundamental in the Guatemalan context as injustice and violence affect millions of indigenous people.

The launch includes meeting with the embassies of UK, Germany and Sweden, church leaders and government institutions, and a public debate on new strategies for the accompaniment to civil society in Guatemala.

ACTing Together/JOTAY is an important part of the Christian Aid Global Partnership perspective.

For more information, contact Moises Gonzalez in Central America at: