CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness – Faith Based Sector – Asia Regional Training of Trainers on Development Effectiveness

ACT Alliance has been a co-chair in the Civil Society Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE) since its establishment in 2010, and its major concepts lies within the Faith Based Organization Sector (FBO) where organizations from diverse faiths assemble together for the commitment of accountable and impactful transformational sustainable development.

This year, ACT Alliance will host the first Asia and The Pacific CPDE conference in Bangkok where policy and practice experts, faith leaders, and both regional and national FBOs from over 10 countries in Asia and the Pacific region will meet and collaborate with each other to discuss about the commitments to the Istanbul Principles for Development Effectiveness.

Additionally, the FBO Sector consists of the Training of Trainers (ToT) – a workshop where participants will have the opportunity to gain knowledge of the CPDE, Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation (GPEDC) aid, and development effectiveness agenda. Likewise, they will also get to participate the plan of action for the Nairobi HLM2 of the GPEDC.

On the third day, there is going to be a public forum on the contributions to the FBO’s realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals  (SDGs) which set up in 2000 by world leaders who adopted the United Nations Millennium Declaration. The purpose of the forum is to create awareness on the global agenda of the SDGs; review the faith based engagement in the Sustainable Development Agenda; examine how the faith based community could advocate on SDGs locally, regionally, and globally; and last but not least, to seek for collaboration with each other.

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