Workshop to develop a regional Community of Practice on psychosocial support for Southern Africa

The global ACT Alliance Psychosocial Community of Practice (COP) invites two members from each forum in Southern Africa to set up a regional community of practice.

This regional community of practice will complement the regional group already existing in Latin America.

The four-day workshop will include training and capacity building on Community Based Psychosocial Support as well as convening a Regional Community of Practice for Southern Africa. The workshop will be conducted by staff from the ACT Alliance Psychosocial Community of Practice, who include Mr. Alick Kaonda from Malawi and Ms. Bongiwe Mavuwa from Zimbabwe. The Chair of the Latin America regional forum, Ms July, will join as guest speaker sharing experiences from Latin America.

Part of the focus throughout the entire workshop will be on addressing questions from participants concerning the incorporation of Community Based Psychosocial Support into emergency responses and setting up a regional group whereby members can share experiences, produce local materials and support one another. The criteria, therefore is that participants have an appreciation of emergency response and psychosocial issues and should be committed to be part of the group.

For more information contact:

Bongiwe Mavuwa Ms.
Lutheran Development Service (Zimbabwe)